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tv   CBS This Morning  Me-TV  November 28, 2015 6:00am-8:00am CST

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visit good morning, it is november 28, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning saturday." surrender after a deadly standoff. a gunman storms a planned l, parenthood facility killing three people including a police officer. plus dangerous weather cuts across america. millions hit with ice, sleet and record rainfall. >> and johnny cash, jeremy lee lewis and elvis presley. and see why alice in wonderland still resonates. >> we begin with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. -- captions by vitac --
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>> in chicago, demonstrators angry about the deadly police shooting and the way the case has been handled. it is black friday, so shopping started early in a lot of stores and it didn't always bring out the best in people. >> severe weather in some parts of the country and it may get worse over the weekend. >> the big island is at it again. look at that. magna. fun to say. mag mag-ma. >> police estimate the car was beginning more than 85 miles per hour.
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has more than 500,000 twinkling lights. >> and all that matters. >> oh it's carter. a miracle. >> he knew it had a chance. that's crazy. >> on "cbs this morning saturday." >> extremely rare lions. >> cute video alert. these four white lions online are only eight weeks old. experts say there are only about 300 white lions worldwide. >> so cute it hurts, right? >> they are cute. and welcome. hope you are having a great holiday weekend everyone. this morning we're going to take you to austin texas for a lesson in patience. every morning there people wait hours in line outside of franklin barbecue for what many critics describe as the best barbecue in the world. we'll take you inside to meet
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the chef who has been smoking the competition. >> and her new book looks at american influence, ufrls. susan shooefr will join us to examine the key moments in american history that were altered by alcohol. >> and one of the 20 reasons to love this year in music. the blue-eyed soul of anderson east later in our saturday session. our top story. an investigation under way in colorado following a deadly attacked on a planned parenthood facility. a gunman shot and killed three people, including a police officer. that officer, garrett swayze was a member of the university of colorado police department in colorado springs. five other officers and four civilians were wounded in the attack. >> in colorado springs a dramatic standoff ended after five hours. the suspected gunman is in
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david bengnaud is in colorado this spongs this morning. >> reporter: investigators going through room by room. within the last hour the body of officer swayze was transported under heavy police escort to a local funeral home. also the suspect is being held without bail and scheduled to appear on monday in court. he surrendered yesterday after realizing he was cornered and had nowhere to run. and ever since then has been cooperating with investigators. >> the flightening moments for captured on police scanners after authorities say the man opened fire on officers responding to the report of an active shooter. >> i've been shot. >> with the gunman still on the lose inside the colorado springs planned parenthood police were
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inside the building. >> i heard everyone in the lobby screaming get down. get down. and then i saw a gunman walking with a shotgun just shooting randomly. >> he was aiming for my head. it is just weird to stare into the face of somebody like that. and he didn't win. >> well this was a terrible, terrible tragedy, it could have been much worse but for the actions of the first responders, particularly the police officers involved. >> the situation was further complicated because law enforcement was concerned the gunman brought explosives. >> we have eyes on him. we did get officers inside of the building at the planned parenthood. and the officer wrgs able to shout to the suspect and make communication with him. and at that point they were able to get him to surrender and he was taken into custody. >> we have our suspect right now.
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>> we saw a lot of individual acts of bravery today. and actually a lot of bravery as a team. >> nine other people were shot but are listed in good condition at a local hospital. vinita, as for officer swayze, he leaves behind a wife, a son and a daughter. >> the colorado shooting has heightened security at planned parenthood clinics across the country. the fbi warned of possible attacks on such facilities. here in new york planned parenthood facilities have been the target of a series of violent incidents in the past few months. >> on friday planned parenthood said extremists are creating a poisonous environment that feeds domestic terrorism in this country. they had already increased security measures in recent months.
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the heightened security on the heels of a series of video made by antiaboorgs groups showing doctors discussing the feeting tissue from abortions. an fbi intelligence bulletin went out nationwide in september warning about people targeting reproductive healthcare facility, specifically planned parenthood locations. that bulletin warned of, quote, lone offenders using tactics of arsons and threats all of which are typical ol the pro life extremist movement. at that time there had already been nine criminal or suspicious incidents in seven states and the district of columbia. there was this incident at a planned parenthood in pullman, washington in september which was ruled arson. just weeks earlier protesters gathered outside the clinic. planned parenthood officials in
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colorado said some employees escaped yesterday's shooter by fleeing to safe rooms. >> julianna goldman in washington. thank you. dangerous weather is slamming the central u.s. with ice, sleet, snow and rain. it's storm warnings in the texas pan handle and central oklahomaaylahoma through noon today. >> three people died in missouri when their cars were washed away in flash flooding in north texas. the airport recorded more than 53 inches of rain for the year and that is a record. the same weather system dumped snow, sleet and ice in texas. crews are working to restore electric. icy conditions made travel hazardous. >> and details on the weather for the rest of the holiday weekend. and jeff ray joins us from dallas ktvt with the forecast.
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good morning. >> good morning. thank you so much. you can see this large swath of rain and ice continues across the central plains. this is actually tropical moisture coming into very cold air and it's been a slow-moving system it's been raining in this same area for the last two or three days. flood warnings, flood watches continue. and in that colder air this is the ice storm warning that goes from lubbock all the way up to oklahoma city. and we could have accumulating ice on top of what's already fallen. up to a half inch today. so this could get very hazardous across also most of western oklahoma and even into wichita kansas. this is the hour by hour forecast. slow-moving and wave after wave of rain. looks like it can is going to continue at least through sunday and we could have accumulations of 4-6 more inches of rain. significant rain still to fall and the ice probably still going to be problem for the first half of the day.
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looks like this is going to be a bad winter storm for travelers across the central plains. >> not what you want to hear when you are headed back home after thanksgiving. jeff ray, thank you. more than a thousand protesters disrupted holiday shopping in chicago to draw attention to the shooting of a black teenager last year. they say they mishandled the investigation into the shooting. the reverend jesse jackson was one of the protest leaders. >> well the effect is an economic boycott that will escalate until some changes take place. we're using our votes our marching feet and building coalition. black lives matter here. the youth 100 are here. congress people are here. there is a successive outrage. black and white together. >> van dike has now been charged with first-degree murder in mcdonald's death. >> the man who jumped the white house fence on thursday while the first family celebrated
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thanksgiving is in a federal lock up this morning awaiting a court-ordered psychiatric evaluation. 22-year-old joseph caputo is charged with illegal entry for what he apparently intended as the suicide mission. craig boswell has more. >> appearing on friday before a judge he was challenged with entering restricted grounds on thursday draped in an american flag he scaled the north fence of the white house complex before raising his arms to surrender to the secret service. the first family was home at the time celebrating thanksgiving. caputo carried a bind ner his teeth and dropped an envelope on the north lawn which was later determined to be harmless after law enforcement swept the area. court documents say he left a suicide note with friends that red in part, death is a natural part of life. in 2011 a news website profiles
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high school diving team. it reported he has aspergers syndrome. he says i yonl sin court friday he turned to his mother and mouthed the words i love you. his family left the courthouse without commenting. caputo did not enter a plea and the judge ordered he undergo a psychological evaluation. for "cbs this morning saturday." craig boswell at the white house. >> breaking news oempbtd. at least three people were killed in an attack on a united nations base in the west african nation of mali this morning. attackers fired rockets into the peace keeping ways in the country's northern region of kidal. two peace keepers and a manyission contractor were killed. it comes after a last week's attack on a luxury hotel that killed 20 people. >> the suspect in belgium in connection with the terror
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attacks in paris two weeks ago. he was arrested in brussels on thursday. he was not identified but charged with terrorist attacks and taking part in fact activities of a terrorist group. to brussels now with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. there are now six in custody in belgium all in relation to the paris attacks. we're not necessarily talking about major suspects. two of those -- salah abdeslam who is a key suspect. and a third man simply drove abdeslam around brussels after the attacks. police have been hunting for salah abdeslam for two weeks now. together with another man mohamed abrini. brussels is slowly emerging from the lockdown. the annual christmas market has reopened but it is not doing the
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usual large crowds. and the economic impact is being felt. according to local media the four day terror alert cost this country over $54 million a day. and at least 500 companies had to fire employees temporarily. >> a vatican advisor is urging catholics to joining demonstrationsed in come days ahead of the u.n. global summit in paris. marchers commanding action. security is expected to be tight in the wake of the paris attacks and a convergence of world leaders on the city of light. president obama is expected to attend the summit on monday. pope francis is in uganda this morning. al pizzey is traveling with the pope and he has the latest. >> reporter: a joyous welcome as the pope mobile made a tour of the space where mass was to be
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but for pope francis, that was the easy part. to reach the altar the pope and his bishops had to cross ab artificial lake with life guards on hand. they celebrated the sainthood of 22 catholics for their faith and for protecting young boys in the royal court from abuse. how badly the faithful wanted to see and hear the pope was evidenced by prime spots packed literally cheek to cheek. but the church isn't having it all its own way here. some 40% of ugandans are catholics but a mere 20% of couples are legally married. the rest co-habit in what the church delegately words e irregular relations. and uganda has some of the most severe homosexuality laws in africa.
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including that would have proposed the death penalty in which the church successfully lobbied against. >> africa is the fastest -- in spite of that it is o losing ground evangelical christians. for "cbs this morning saturday." uganda uganda. >> early bird shoppers can take a deep breath this morning. black friday is over another year though big sales will continue throughout the four day weekend. a national federation estimates nearly 146 million americans will shop over the weekend. >> reporter: the day after giving thanks comes the taking. best buy handed out tickets to avoid any pushing and shoving as televisions and tablets went fast. overall holiday sales are forecast to reach an all-time high of $630 billion. 93 billion of that will be spent online.
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up 13% from 2014. but black friday known as the official start to the holiday shopping season may have passed its prime. this according to retail analyst chris christie for. black friday still remains the premier shopping kay of the year. >> you will see sales all throughout november that are called black friday sales. but they are not really as deep. and the customer is not ready to go shopping. those are all pre season. season. period. >> coming up a little later forecast for this season's holiday sales.
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that's ahead. >> lots of people fighting. well they are starting to get the white house christmas today. the tree was brought in on friday while the band played "oh christmas tree." the 18.5 foot tall frazer fur. the winning farm entered a contest to win the opportunity. it's a beautiful tree. >> it is a beautiful tree. love to see that. >> time to show you some of this morning's head lines. the washington post reports dozens of iranian soldiers are losing their lives in syria's civil war. and the news of the deaths since october is coming from a surprising source. iran's traditionally tight-lipped media. one analyst says the change reflects iran's pride in helping the russian-led offensive against syrian rebels. iran was invited to join in the
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first time just last month. >> the chicago tribune reports 9-year-old tyshawn lee was on a swing set in a chicago park and lured away by gang members. he put down ouz basketball to play on the swings. prosecutors say they used that basketball to convince him to head to a nearby alleyway where he was shot. the man charged claimed he was seeking outlet the children of rival gang members to avenge the killing of his brother. >> the verge says bill gates is helping kick off the united nations climate summit in paris by taking a page from his checkbook. he's set to announce a $2 billion initiative between the u.s. and india focused on researching and deploying carbon free energy. the push is being called the largest cooperative research and developed partnership in interest in history. gates in a talk back in 2010
6:20 am
humanity to reach zero global carbon emissions in the next 35 years. >> that would be impressive in our lifetime. >> heck of a target. >> mark zuckerberg's up coming parental leave is sparking a change throughout the company. it will allow full-time employees the chance to take up to four months of paid family leave starting in january. zuckerberg says he will take two months off when his daughter is born next summer. amazon, netflix, microsoft. a lot of companies changing the culture. >> we'll see how far it goes. and the "new york times" says some presidential candidates are turning to colorful language as the way of gaining on the competition. analysts credit donald trump for kicking off the trump when he recently used a four letter word to announce plans to bomb isis. some voice concerns that the inability to hold one's tongue as the potential to be seen as
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>> is it a high near 34. north northeast wind 7 to 9 mph. tonight mostly cloudy, with a steady temperature around 30. north northeast wind 5 to 7 mph. sunday mostly cloudy, with a high near 36. northeast wind around 7 mph. sunday night a slight chance of rain or freezing rain before 9pm, then a slight chance of freezing rain between 9pm and midnight, then a chance of snow and freezing rain after midnight. cloudy, with a then he said he'd cut the cost. but now he says no. the price will stay the same. so what is going on? >> and later the secret liz of drinking in america. whether you drink or not. alcohol has had a big impact on your life.
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saturday. still ahead, two men involved in a car accident pull off the shoulder of a major highway. take a look at that. about 85 miles per hour. we'll show you what happens next. >> you may not know her name but you sure know her horn playing.
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cynthia robinson helped put sly
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>> . >> don't be one of these people, trying to get the ketchup out -- what you do is hold it from the bottom, cap on securely. swing it by centrifugal force one time around and the ketchup flies into the net where it's easy to squirt out. spaghetti acts like a foot long match. so you just do one after another after another with the same thing. isn't this good. and if you have to get into the fireplace or the grill you can just lean way forward with this and not burn yourself. >> and lastly, gas gauge in the car. how many times have you had a car and you don't remember what side the gas tank is on. >> it's a rental car. you don't know. >> i hold my head out the window to see where is it. >> on the gas gauge, on the e to f thing there is a little triangle. every car has this.
6:26 am
and it is pointing to the side of the car that has the gas tank lid. >> i never knew. >> did you know that? >> no. that so interesting. >> i thought just it was decoration. >> on the left-hand side, is it. >> i don't know the percentage. but it saved me so much time pulling into the gas station. >> a lot of parents have teens with smart phone bus worry about the bill. how do you limit that? >> kids want phones younger and erer younger. my own kids got through their teen years without a cell phone.
6:27 am
ipod touch. the dangers of a highway pull over became all too clear for two men on connecticut on friday. watch this.
6:28 am
accident and barely escaped being hit by a speeding car as it careened off the road. >> the state trooper's dash cam caught the moments. the driver was caught and charged with reckless driving. it looked like that car passed two more lanes after it hit is that car too. >> missed them by a matter of feet. >> the top story, more controversy over precipitation drug prices and the ceo of a mange drug pharmaceutical manufacture, touring pharmaceuticals. >> he drastically raised the price of a life-saving drug for cancer and aids patients. now he's reneged on the promise. the price for individuals will stay the same.
6:29 am
>> when you are thinge ing when turing pharmaceuticals was sold as the loss this summer. he increased the price 500%. >> why was it necessary? >> the drug was unprofitable at the former price. and anybody selling it would be losing money. at this price it is a reasonable profit. not excessive at all. >> he told the "new york times" a modest reduction would happen by the end of the year. shkreli now says he's reducing for hospitals only individuals will still pay the same amount. but last month another company announced its version of dare prim for one dollar a pill. >> you are selling it the equivalent for a dollar. >> are you taking a loss on >> no. the chemicals that we use to make this formulation are quite inexpensive. we make a really nice profit on this.
6:30 am
ethical profit, a reasonable profit. >> dar prim is considered the most effective treatment for a rare and potentially deadly disease with lower immune systems. >> there are a dozen companies just like ours that raise prices dramatically, and higher and i don't see those getting the criticism that i got. >> there are many, many examples of formulations like this where companies are really treating drugs like a share of stock. they are just buying and selling them in the marketplace. >> the fda is looking into the announcement but has no further comment at this point. they are considering selling versions of other drugs who's high prices are afflicting the afflicted. coming up we go to the movies with a
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cloudy, with a steady temperature around 30. north northeast wind 5 to 7 mph. sunday mostly cloudy, with a high near 36. northeast wind around 7 mph. sunday night a slight chance of rain or freezing rain before 9pm, then a slight chance of freezing rain between 9pm and midnight, then a chance of snow and freezing rain after midnight. cloudy, with a coming up next, medical news in our morning rounds, including the latest health fads, detox diets. do they really work? we have the answers. >> and doctors holy -- you are watching "cbs this morning saturday." johnson's believes that bath time is more than cleansing. your loving touch stimulates his senses and nurtures his mind. the johnson's scent, lather, and bubbles help enhance the experience. so why just clean your baby, when you can give him
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side effects may include diarrhea, nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your doctor about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. it is time now for morning rounds and dr. holly phillips and samantha heller. first up, juicing, cleansing and
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fad diets continue to grow in popularity but they may not be the best way to reboot your body. you wrote "the only cleanse." you say nobody really needs a cleanse though. why is that? >> isn't that crazy with that title? well, you know, the only cleanse we need is the one with which we were born. our liver, our kidney, our skin, our gastrointestinal tract. they are pushing out pathogens and expelling pollutants and detoxifying chemicals and that is our body's job. to keep us alive and maintain homeostasis, which is body ambulance. balance. i want to redefine the support and boost our body's health. what can we do to boost that? and that is my focus.
6:36 am
>> holly r some of these cleanses actually bad for you. >> they really can be dangerous, especially the more extreme i suggest being weary of cleanses that ask you do take something whether heavy laxatives or some colon cleansing concoction. those can call alterations in electrolyte balances. things like chloride, potassium and sodium. and even end up with heart rhythm abnormalities from that. also extreme low calorie cleanses for people with underlying medical illnesses or take medications. those can be a problem. on the other hand there are traditional juice and fruit cleanses where you focus primarily on v vetables and fruits and get a normal amount of calories. those come with much less risk. >> what is your 14 day plan then. >> it includes food. it's all about eating and being
6:37 am
connections so we can detoxify our thoughts. juicing and others don't cleanse the system. maybe you get a nice bolus of some vegetable os something you might not normally get. and this plan has honey and beans and nuts and tofu, and oatmeal and even sugar because i don't believe that sugar is toxic in normal amounts. and tea. and what i've taken out are things that are very chemically, because as, you know, a lot of the food we eat are chemically designed to make us crave them. i want us to wean away. >> you feel it also. >> but you also crave it. people are like i'm craving these foods. so i'm encouraging them you know what. let's just eat plant farce couple of weeks. here's a step by step plan to
6:38 am
and we know a high animal based diet is less healthy. the research is clear. next up a new study finds a handful of walnuts a day could provide bigs benefits for people at a high risk for diabetes. researchers found that eating a small portion of walnuts a day led to significant improvements in total and bad cholesterol levels. walnut consumption also helped improve the strength of blood vessel cell walls. >> one of the things that i found most interesting about this study was that in addition to some of the cardiovascular benefits that you just mentioned, people who it a a handful of walnuts a day ended up eating a healthier diet overall. they basically made better choices through the rest of the their day. we couldn't say whether or not that was because they knew they were part of a study or whether it had to do with some of the the healthy fats and nuts that help us control craves. but i did like the idea of
6:39 am
adding something to the diet. >> cash shoes and almonds. you rarely hear walnuts. >> all nuts are healthy. almonds and peanuts and cashews and brazil nuts and hazel nuts. they all have good profiles. so eating a variety is healthy. >> with so many parties and dinners beckoning, that could spell trouble for many of us. the average american gains 1-5 pounds. and that is especially true for those already overweight. is there a particular area where we're the worst? what we're eating? >> i think what happens is we eat at parties and one little piece of this and one little cheese cube. if you look at the cheese cub. it is over a hundred calories.
6:40 am
>> if i take the walnuts will i be okay? >> survey the party, what's being offered. and pick your favorites. and be very conscious of what you are picking and choosing. >> so we should actually have a strategy for these things. >> all about perspective. you don't realize the holidays are great but they are stressful. and how do a lot of us respond to stress is this we over eat, we over drink. keep that in mind and still have a plan when you walk into the party. maybe eat before you go. stand far away from the buffet and little changes to make the big difference. >> well you mention the stress. is it our families is that make us? >> they have nothing to do with it. >> only some crazy really annoying person you have to deal with over the holidays. expect them to be crazy and annoying and rise above it. and have a plan. being sad, happy depressed, whatever. make a plan.
6:41 am
i'm going to go out and take a walk. and know what your triggers are so you can find ways to deal with them. >> and just hope you are not the annoying person. up next drinking in m we look at how alcohol helped fuel some of the most momentous events in our history. you are watching "cbs this morning saturday." the holidays bring many challenges to the feet. by day they must stay warm. but by night, beautiful, smoother and ready to impress the other party animals. dr. scholl's dreamwalk express pedi.
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drinking is never taught in our schools and most written history doesn't even mention it. but a new book argues a glass of beer, a bottle of rum a keg of cider and a glass of whiskey shaped history from the 17th century to the present. drinking in america, our secret history written by best selling autoer and historian susan achiever. good morning.
6:45 am
reference point is the pilgrims. which is the original reference point of this country. the pilgrims landed on cape cod because they were running out of beer. they were supposed to go to virginia. their charter was for virginia. they knew it was illegal to land but they were running out of beer. so they landed on cape cod which was the worst possible place to land. they found a tiny little harbor between the two biggest in the world. plymouth? and then -- >> that is something to think about on this thanksgiving weekend with our pilgrims. you say the time the revolution came around that colonists were drinking about twice as much as the average person drinks today. >> it started with the pilgrims and built and built until about 1830 when we were one of the
6:46 am
children had a drink before they went to school. factory workers broke three or four times a day for a drink. we were extremely drunk in the 1830s. >> what i thought was interesting was you give us historical reference in that water was unclean. by default. >> to be fair you weren't supposed to drink water in those days, there was no sewage so water was unclean. it also had the obvious effect. liquor has had a huge effect on ho how history unfolded. pilgrims, pul revere stopped for a couple drinks on his ride. in lexington the militia waited for three or four hours in lexington in a tavern. right through the civil war. through nixon, the kennedy assasination. drinking has had a huge effecten us. not always bad.
6:47 am
many people believe that when lincoln fired his sober general and hired ulysses s. grant who already had to resign from the army for drinking who had already been in a lot of trouble for drinking, that is when we began to win the civil war. it isn't all bad at all. and i don't think the american revolution would have happened unless there had been drinking. is that bad? and the boston tea party. they went out to those ships to secure the tea so that the british it would have take it back to england. but they were a little drunk so throwing it over board seemed like a better idea. >> by the 1920s we go to prohibition. go from 1820, one of the drunkest in the world and all of a sudden we want to get rid of it entirely. >> it's so interesting because other countries drink more and other countries drink less but no other country has the passionate ambivalence that we have about alcohol. we love drinking and we hate drunkenness. and that starts with the puritans.
6:48 am
and drunkenness is from the devil as if there is no connection. >> when you look at the white house, how bill of a role has it played in what we've seen in the last century. >> a tremendous role. in the white house and everywhere. warn g. harding was a president who -- a prohibition president who could not give up his parties. and there was a hilarious scene where the head of the american saloon league goes to him and says you know it is prohibition we can't have a president being drunk all the time. and harding says i drink for medical reasons. and he stops drinking and six weeklater he's dead of somewhat mysterious causes. that is the sadist white house story. but of course we've had drunks in the white house and we've had sober people in the white house. >> and you say nixon was usually drunk after one drunk. >> he was would have been those where often two drinks he'd be
6:49 am
>> drinking in america. susan achiever.cheever, thank you. >> thank you. >> sly and the family stone one of the signature groups of the 60s and 70s. we remember hall of famer cynthia obinson. "cbs this morning saturday." fact. when emergency room doctors choose an otc pain reliever for their patients muscle, back and joint pain. the medicine in advil is their #1 choice. nothing is stronger on tough pain than advil. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. you forgot the milk! that's lactaid .
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cynthia robinson, the trablzing trumpet player for sly and the nam stone, passed way this week after a battle of cancer. she's 71. robinson was a founding member of the legendary funk group, and a rarity at the time. an african american woman playing memorable trumpet lines on hit -- after hit -- after hit. i am every day people >> even lending a hand with voeks on one-- vocals on one of the
6:54 am
sly and the family stone broke up. but cynthia stayed active in the years following. robinson and the rest of the group were inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 1993, where her trumpet playing and the band she helped make famous will live forever. >> you know i never realized that were his voice on dance to the music. what a pioneer. >> all right. well you have half a million reasons to stick around. up next we'll take you to the town that has just entered the guiness book of world records for the christmas tree lights.
6:55 am
the rest stick around. welcome to "cbs this morning saturday."
6:56 am
>> coming thup half hour it is the end of the year movie sweepstakes. picks sar is putting up a good dinosaur but it has plenty of competition. >> then alice has been visiting wonderland for 150 years now. we'll take a look back at how she came to be and why her story continues to resonate around the world. >> also aaron franklin knows barbecue. and hundreds of fans to flock to his smoke house every day. how he keeps them coming bab for more in a special edition of the dish. top story, security stepped up at planned parenthood across the country following a deadly attack at a clinic in colorado. a gunman shot and killed three people friday. nine others were wounded in the five hour standoff before the gunman surrounded. >> it happened in colorado springs about 70 miles south of
6:57 am
david begneau is there. >> reporter: the only thing worse than the cold is the sadness permeating this community. the morning they are mourning officer garrett swasey and o two others. he was a six year veteran at the local police department here at colorado springs and about two hours ago his body taken under heavy escort to a local funeral home. it was a procession down an interstate here at colorado springs. there were no sirens. only lights. a very solemn procession, as the officer who leaves behind a wife a son and a daughter was take top a local funeral home. behind me the crime scene active still. they are still piecing together what happened. less than 24 hours ago when officials say a man deranged walked into the planned parenthood and started shooting. for more than five hours there was a standoff and there were
6:58 am
including catania crowne. she was a patient inside and what she has to say is chilling. >> i heard everybody in the lobby screaming get down get down. and i saw a gunman walking with a shotgun just shooting randomly. >> this morning catania crowne's boyfriend is missing. we are told by kattancatania he was at the facility with her. at some point he walked outside of the facility is&she has not been able to find him since. all were treated at the local hospital and this morning we're told they are all in good condition. parts of the central u.s. getting hit with dangerous and deadly weather. >> flood watches and warnings from texas to missouri. three died when their cars were washed away in flash flooding in
6:59 am
north texas. the weather caused extensive delays friday on flights in and out of the dallas fort worth airport. they have a record amount for year. and in childress texas, crews worked to restore power and icy roadways made travel hazardous. >> more on the weather for the rest of the holiday weekend. meteorologist jeff ray in dallas with the forecast. >> good morning. travel conditions are poor. across texas, oklahoma and into kansas. current flash floodings and watches. most of these have been in place since wednesday and as you can see in the colder air to the north, this is where the ice storm warning stretches from lubbock texas and the pan handle all the way to the oklahoma, texas border. they are anticipating snow and
7:00 am
ice in parts kansas. but this swath could get another half inch of ice still to fall. power outages in the area. this is a slow-moving storm tapping in tropical moisture and you can see the rain continues tomorrow morning and into the day sunday as well. maybe four to six inches of rain still to come across parts of arkansas and western tennessee. meanwhile temperatures stay mild to the south but cold in the central plains and the great lakes. >> meteorologist jeff ray, thanks. >> the holiday shopping season is officially you should way. and kraer to what some analysts are saying black friday is still packing a punch. yesterday tens of millions of bargain hunters battled the crowds and sometimes each other to snag that special teal. pretty strong evidence that despite year to year growth online shopping has not yet replaced traditional instore
7:01 am
visits. vera gibbons joins us. >> good morning. everybody's been saying different things. oh it's slow. it's this. the lines were as extravagant. but i think overall pretty decent start. sales on black friday in store will be flat to actually good. online is where the growth is. >> is that firsthand knowledge. >> i actually went to the mall. >> did you? >> there was a lot of traffic at the cell phone stores, electronic stores. what the usual. so the traffic was definitely there. people were snatching up tvs, tablets. electrons of course is continuing the front runner. >> a series of strategies. some stores didn't open on thanksgiving at all and some opened early. >> right. we have 18,000 people or 15,000 people line up at macy on's thanksgiving day. best buy had a hot tv. so people were lining up outside to get that. a lot of shopping went on
7:02 am
and if you look at the early projections about $2 billion spent on thanksgiving. if you look at the two days combined, about $4.5 billion with the share coming from mobile. so people are finding the things they want at the price they want and they are buying directly from the app. which is something new this year. >> as all hand held now. we all have a computer in our hand and we can immediately do it. are there certain items that will be huge this year or already be? tvs. apple products were flying off the shelf. generally bundled with gift cards from target, walmart, best buy. and then a lot of the hot toys flying off the shelves. some of the retailers were actually running out of stuff. if you look at out of stock items. toys was a bit of a problem.
7:03 am
>> are there better deals online. >> a lot are offering them both in store and online. because amazon is nipping at the heels. walmart saying 95% of its deals available in store and online. everybody is trying to get the leg up on amazon. >> when does cyber monday official start. >> it's already started. i was on amazon this morning and seeing if anything looked good. and they had some nice running sneaker and they were out of stock in my size. so we are seeing this problem across the board. so with amazon starting its cyber monday sale today and it is going to run for eight days. so the numbers for black friday and cyber monday were big. probably even bigger no i. >> and now everybody gives free shipping too. >> and you don't have to have a minimum purchase requirement. -- >> like ten years ago today officially declared cyber monday.
7:04 am
>> and look how much it's grown. >> always a pleasure vera. thank you. well christmas is early in australia. they set a new world record for the most lights on an artificial tree. 518,000 twinkling lights. this world record was confirmed friday as a huge crowd gathered to watch. the tree lighting raised donations for the sids and kids charity. that is a 5 foot tall star just on the top. >> really good charity. but i'm also glad i didn't have to string high near 34. north northeast wind 7 to 9 mph. tonight mostly cloudy, with a steady temperature around 30. north northeast wind 5 to 7 mph. sunday mostly cloudy, with a high near 36. northeast wind around 7 mph. sunday night a slight chance of rain or freezing rain before 9pm, then a slight chance of freezing rain between 9pm and midnight, then a
7:05 am
after midnight. cloudy, with a up next, the man who many say invented rock and roll. memphis record producer sam phillips was behind the rise of elvis, johnny cash, jerry lee lewis and many more. it is quite a story so stay with us. 30, 29, 28. tick, tock. 25 years old and you're still playing in the mud. 15 feet in the air, that's where you feel most alive. 10 meter maids waiting to wallpaper your truck. better get out of town. 5, 4, 3... the all-new tacoma.
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7:08 am
elvis is absolutely the most unique person i believe that i've ever known or red about. there is something so special about elvis presley, that none of us -- i don't care if we've got ph.d. m.d. after our names, i really don't think there is a total explanation. and thank god for it. some things we just don't really need to know. >> he was the man who introduced the world to the king.
7:09 am
sam phillips and his record label discovered some of the biggest of all time. and changed music forever. now a new biography, sam phillips, the man who invented rock and roll, sheds light on the man behind countless hit songs. now the author, peter, good morning. >> good to be here. >> you say in the preface that this was a book really written out of admiration and love. >> that is true. although so with are the books about elvis and sam cook. i have never written anything out of anybody whom i didn't have admiration. >> you were friends with sam for 25 years. >> yeah. i met him in '79 after ten years trying to get an interview. he wasn't doing any interviews at that point because he thought doing an interview meant you were looking backwards and he always wanted to look forward.
7:10 am
now by -- within 10 or 12 years you might say we had become friendly and maybe within twenty years we were friends. but sam said to me, you know, my son knox loved you from the very beginning. but i didn't. he felt you have to keep your distance. if you don't, they will push you off a cliff. and he was very diplomatic. he said i know you weren't sure about me. well i wasn't sure about him. from the minute i met him i was sure about him. i appreciate that eventually. but it made a very different experience writing, right. >> what i thought was so interesting i thought we were going to learn so much about what a talent he was as soon as he came in. and the book paints very different picture of elvis presley. >> elvis was like everybody who recorded for sam. he was not an inspired amateur. he was driven by a musical ambition. a conscious creative artist. but the form that art was going to take had not become clear when he came in.
7:11 am
of looking for stars. the person that he considered the most profound artist he ever record was howlen wolf who came in on a bad radio broadcast and listen to it i thought this is it, where the soul of man never dies. and that was what sam was interested in with all of his records. he wasn't interested in building a clogatalog. he wasn't interested in the money aspect. in particular. e liked money but. he was looking for individualism in the extreme. and with elvis he found somebody who had a voice that hadn't -- he hadn't found his voice yet but he heard something absolutely unique and sam wanted to draw out of you and whoever it was, us, anybody. what was in us whether or not we saw it in ourselves.
7:12 am
how he felt music was a democracy. and he saw that talent. but what is your view when you think of how the world remembers him? >> i don't know how the world remembers him. but i'll go with what you said. his goal from the beginning long before he started the studio. the philosophical framework to which he put the music he was going to record. first he was going to record african american music and give voice to people who had not been given a voice. later on poor whites who he felt similarly needed to express themselves and were not given the respect or even recognized. but his vision of music was a totally democratic vision. and with the idea that music could conquer all. sometimes he would say stop wars and i don't want to go that far. with but he believed that once a mainstream audience, once a
7:13 am
of putting it, heard the music, it would essentially bring down the walls of segregation, which were as firm in music as any other aspect of society. and that is what he set out to do and i think he felt he achieved it. >> how pivotal then who you would you say sam phillips' role was is this. >> i think he was a refgsry. and he was as much as a conscious creative artist as many of the arts he had in the studio. i feel like, you know, his prophesy came true. it wasn't because of elvis. it wasn't just because of sam phillips. it wasn't just because of elvis. but in essence the early days of rock and roll were a real strike in the fight against segregation. they brought black and white audiences together. they had people listening to music. once others in the wake of elvis
7:14 am
sudden ray charles, sam cook, little richard, chuck berry became not r&b stars. they became pop stars and became the foundation for the music as sam felt they should be. >> you did a wonderful job with it. >> thanks. he said ferret out the b.s. there is too much of that around. >> thanks very much for joining us. up next, you can't tell by looking but alice is 150 years old. we celebrate the anniversary of alice in wonderland. a look back at the classic fantasy that has never been out of print. you are watching "cbs this morning saturday." about anywhere you use sugar, you can use splenda ... calorie sweetener. splenda lets you experience... ...the joy of sugar... ...without all the calories.
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fast, powerful cough relief. robitussin dm max. because it's never just a cough. next summer u movie goers tumble through the looking glass with alice.
7:18 am
the most famous young girl in english literature and her adventures in wonderland are known around the world. once more there was a real alice which inspired the stories first published 150 years ago this month. she starred in a disney classic. a johnny depp film. and a jefferson airplane song. when she's ten feet tall >> almost moments from when he first tumbled down a rabbit hole, it's a classic. never been out of print. >> never been out of print.
7:19 am
on the river thames. >> it is all because of the real alice that we have this now classic. once the boat ride was over at the end of the day she asked for a written copy of the story. >> author lewis carol spent more than two years writing by hand and illustrating what he first called alice's adventurers under ground. >> this is the original manuscript. >> yes. alice. it is absolutely unique. >> when carol decided to plush in 1865, artist john tenial was brought on to do the illustrations. >> they are iconic. they are what we all think of when we think of alice. the title. >> wonderland is a name we all know. >> it is really because of the
7:20 am
of wonderland and it means a very particular thing. alice's wonderland. >> it was the pen name for charles ludwig dodgeson who's own story gets curiouser and curiouser. >> he's like a blob of mercury. you put your thumb on him and he just scatters. >> louis carroll and the secret history of wonderland. he was also an amateur photographer known for his pictures of children. these are his shots of the real alice. >> it is a wonderland is like a state of mind. like a capacity to be surprised and astonished by the real world and not take any of it for granted. and that is what he wanted to get back too. >> he was a very shrewd marketer. >> yes he was. >> published a children's
7:21 am
edition with the first colored illustrations and wrote a sequel. >> he sent her through the looking glass. it is adapted for the stage. it is like modern franchising. >> and when the technology arrived, alice became a movie star. >> this is the first film adaptation. >> originally it was about 1 1 minutes long. at the time, 1903. this made it the longest film yet produced in britain. it all made the real alice, alice little, a reluctant celebrity. >> what became of alice. >> she married well, moved away from oxford and became a rather grand society lady? in 1932 she came to america to receive an honorary degree. after which she wrote i do get tired of being alice in wonderland.
7:22 am
that has meant that she's still with us. >> for me the character of alice is, you know, she's thrown into this world of total non sense. and she's juicy trying to do her best to make sense of it. and that is something that i i think is pretty identifiable. >> and 150 years later, alice hasn't aged a day. >> one of the things i love about the story is when they firsrsprinted, they didn't like the illustrations. so they had to completely reprint it at great cost. but he wanted to make sure it came out before christmas because he wanted the christmas market. even back then.
7:23 am
end of year movie feast. i will finish what you started.
7:24 am
>> there are stories about what happened. >> it is true. all of it. >> it is the most anticipated movie in years. star wars the force awakens. the director jj abraham's fresh look at the more than forty-year-old franchise. >> here where a preview of that and others. matt singer. good morning. >> good morning. >> i'm nervous for star wars. there is just so much hype. do you think it will -- >> there is a lot of hype. this is the death star of the holiday movie season. it is as big as the planet and it is going to blit rate everything that gets in the way. >> people are swooning over the trailer. >> i remember the hype for star wars the phantom menace and we all remember how that turned out. i'm hopeful.
7:25 am
made a bunch of star trek movies and everybody said boy they feel like star wars movies. a lot of action. so maybe they will pay off. >> disney has done a great job. but we just don't know much about the plot it feels like. >> they have done a good job focusing things on the new characters. we don't really know how much we're going to see of han solo o. luke sky walker. i think they have done a nice job preserving the mystery. i want to go in not knowing. that is great for up me. >> and other movie this is week. first up is creed. yet another schedule in the rocky franchise. >> but he's not fighting. >> we should make that clear. he's now basically playing the mickey character. the older traper to this young boxer who is actually the son of a
7:26 am
and this is great movie. the old rocky formula but with enough new twists that you duet the satisfaction without seeing a rehash. >> good. so great to hear you feel like it delivered. >> it is really good. and honestly it wouldn't shock me if sylvester stalone maybe get answer oscar nomination here. it is almost like something out of a rocky movie that kind of comeback. >> next up is the good dinosaur from pixar. >> i haven't seen this yet but i actually saw a presentation from some of the animation you were seeing there. and that is what really struck me about it. maybe this might be the most beautiful movie that pixar has ever made. the leaves, all of the natural photography and animation just incredible. what didn't feel like a step forward were the characters. it fell very by the numbers pixar. it is the story in every movie, the buddies that go on a road
7:27 am
trip. is almost every pixar movie and that is basically what this is. a dinosaur and his cave boyfriend boyfriend. the early reviews say it is not a great sign daughter but a pretty good dinosaur. >> whatever. if it's not broke. don't fix it. >> they are very good at what they do. good point. >> and yesterday this one came out. >> yes. i don't know if he needs to write an acceptance speech yet but probably should look at the tuxedo rentals because the nomination at the least is coming and again he is really fantastic. a very moving performance for him. really brings you into the life of the character. i do hope, while he's almost a sure thing, i hope the academy also recognizes alicia who plays the wife of the his character who undergoes the tradition. she's really the heart and soul of the movie. so i kind of hope they both getty claim they deserve. >> next up, quinton tarantino.
7:28 am
the hateful eight and it is kind of a western. >> it is a western. kind of django and combined it with reservoir dogs to me. all at this cabin in the mountains and two of the original reservoir dogs are in the movie. so another tarantino movie. i'm guessing probably a little violent. i don't know, just if i had to guess. >> speaking of violence he's made very controversial statements recently on police brutality brutality. are the studios worried that is going to effect box office? >> any time you boycott a movie, you can publicize the movie as much as you publicize your point of view. so it actually could perhaps
7:29 am
>> lee for that doe dicaprio. >> as you can see from the footage it is similar in the visual dynamism but a much bigger scope. so instead of just the broadway theater it is like the entire old west. with dicaprio running around. there was a lot of problems shooting the movie. it was a difficult set. and they had trouble finding snow for the snow scenes. it was a living heldl is a quote i read. >> finally fromirector david o russell. jennifer lawrence, bradley cooper and robert deniro in joy? >> joy, yes. she's playing the woman who invented the miracle mop. it is her life story. a bio pick essentially. don't really know too much about it beyond that.
7:30 am
o. russell players now coming back to make another good movie with him. the whole cast is exciting. >> do you know when that comes out? >> christmas. >> okay. >> joy for christmas. >> matt singer, there's a lot high near 34. north northeast wind 7 to 9 mph. tonight mostly cloudy, with a steady temperature around 30. north northeast wind 5 to 7 mph. sunday mostly cloudy, with a high near 36. northeast wind around 7 mph. sunday night a slight chance of rain or freezing rain before 9pm, then a slight chance of freezing rain between 9pm and midnight, then a chance of snow and freezing rain after midnight. cloudy, with a up next, the dish. lots of folks think they know barbecue. but aaron franklin is a master. crowds of fans line up outside
7:31 am
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there's still time to enjoy great black friday deals now at lowe's. so hurry in to your neighborhood store today for even more big savings for your home. now get this 20-volt dewalt or porter-cable drill for only $99 each. if there is anyone qualified to write a meat smoking manifesto it is aaron franklin. so he did. shows what he's perfected since
7:34 am
brisket in the backyard. all txexans cook barbecue but he's special. award winning barbecue. and i recently visited to learn more about advertise signature dish and a lone star specialty -- smoked brisket. >> at franklin barbecue in austin, this is a typical day. the lunch line started at 5:30 in the morning. everyone here came prepared to wait. >> we had a couple of hours today and we could afford to sit in line. >> it is funny when i hear you say we had a couple of hours. >> anywhere else we wouldn't be willing to wait in a line but it is franklin's. >> the owner 37-year-old aaron franklin greets the faithful at the door.
7:35 am
>> are you shocked -- -- perfected in his backyard. these are all cookers right here. >> these days his cookers smoke
7:36 am
day. >> it is about a 24 hour process. we just put briskets on for tomorrow's lunch. and at 3:00 in the morning ribs go on. >> so three of these will get pull full of ribs and sausage on that one. >> the difference between traditional barbecue and this meat which is priced at 20 dollars a pound is it's hormone and antibiotic free. and soft enough for a baby to chew. >> how old? >> six weeks. >> wow. >> is it still just salt, pepper and the wood? >> and a little pitbit of crack. >> well that would explain why everyone is so dictateaddicted and stands outside for ever.
7:37 am
first time's free. then it's going cost you. >> the long lines filter out all the grumpy people. and by the time they get in most have planned exactly what they are beginninggoing to eat. >> when i walked in. i drove at 10:00 a.m. and there were all these people already. and i thought god, if i'm him that pressure must be a lot. >> it is out of control. because you have all these people showing up before the food is even ready. what if you mess up? they are already here. we just keep our heads down and keep working and really stay super focused on this place. this is all the matters. we're happy making food and happy trying to make it the best we can. >> and at franklin's the doors close when the boosh cue runarbecue runs out. it happens every day.
7:38 am
>> people say when are you going to franchise or get another location? tisic tisic. it will never replicate what's happening here. >> so many opportunities to franchise and he just says no. i could never control the quality if i went to mass quantity. >> and he's right. i love that he does that. i just love it. and i love that he absolutely nothing when he started. really great. >> a fun guy to meet. yeah. >> up next. alabama born, anderson east says he has a killer range and heartbreaking lyric. he's going to perform from his acclaimed debut album ahead. you are watching "cbs this morning saturday." t gummy multivitamin... ...from centrum. a complete, and tasty way to support... ...your energy... ...immunity... and metabolism like never before. centrum multigummies.
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7:42 am
preacher and later homed his chops in nashville before deciding to head out on his own. earlier this year his first major studio album "delilah" is getting raves. and now here is "satisfy me" and anderson east. i had the finest brandy i smelled the sweetest perfume and the softest lips
7:43 am
it was just a hill. now it's gonna take more more more to satisfy me satisfy me now listen here baby you're just as fine as they come there's so many fish in the sea and it's gonna take more more more to satisfy me oh to satisfy me
7:44 am
its gonna take more more more its gonna take more more more its gonna take more its gonna take more satisfy me hey to satisfy me oh satisfy me >> we'll be right back with more music from anderson east.
7:45 am
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tomorrow on cbs sunday morning, ben tracy heads to the movies with carrie mulligan in her latest suffragette. >> and the scientist who helped discover a way to edit dna. how the breakthrough could help treat disease. have a great weekend. >> and this is "find em, fool em, forget em" from anderson
7:49 am
people let me tell you about my father has he was known as the meanest baddest love maker in town has has had a reputation for jiven all the women and break their hearts leaving all crying and he told me son let me give you some advise you got to remember this for the rest of your life he told mow to findem, foolem, fert em
7:50 am
find em, fool em, and forget em yeah yeah yeah but i didn't listen to what my father told me all that he gave, i gave my heart to you you girl you walked on me misused me and finally broke my heart in two the way you treated me pz wouldn't even treat a dog didn't even show show me no mercy at all i wish i had foundia ya fooled ya forgot you like my father said yeah yeah yeah i wish i'd found you
7:51 am
and forgot you
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go to cbs news come mt >> this is breaking news from kcci 8 news. alyx: we're following some breaking news this morning. a mortar attack on a u.n. base in northern mali early this morning killed three people, two peacekeepers and a contractor, and injured 20 others. a spokesman says there has been no claim of responsibility. an unidentified group launched several mortars on the camp at about 4:00 a.m. local time. we are going to continue to bring you the latest as the story develops.
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